How much will a night out cost?

Thinking of having a night out in one of these cities? Sounds like fun! Could be pricey, but definitely fun! Here's a look at how much an average night may cost you based on the average cost of things you might pay for.

Average costs of a night out in New York City in 2018


Club entry

Maybe you have a friend who has a friend who knows the bouncer.Maybe you sneak in with another group.

If you're not so lucky though, you're probably paying a cover or two throughout the night.

2 Longdrinks

Okay now you're in. Time to get a drink or two (or three, but for now we're just assuming an average of two). Maybe they're overpriced, but hey at least everyone else at the bar probably agrees and you can make friends through commiserating!


Ah, the time has come. Did you make it until the lights came on? Did the thought of your cozy bed pull you out the door early? Either way, it's time to get home.

Here's how much that cab will cost you. Try not to fall asleep or it could be more...

Big Mac

As you lean against the cab window, trying to keep your eyes open as you watch the streetlights pass by one bye one, you begin to feel it. A low rumble in your stomach evolves into an outraged cry of "feed me now!" In a attempt to oblige your digestive overlord, you frantically pull out your phone and desparately look up "late night food options".

As you try to convert your hunger to your lowest acceptable number of Yelp stars, familiar lights wash across your face. Looking up you see it. Sweet, sweet salvation. The golden arches. Go in and get your Big Mac, you've earned it.

How does your night out compare to similar nights in other cities around the world?

If you want a cheap cab, maybe you should visit Mexico City or Prague.

If you thrive on the endorphin rush of swiping that plastic, invest in real estate in Zurich.

If all you want is a cheap Big Mac to send you off to bed, it looks like the best option for you is...Russia?

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